Welcome Letter of the Chairman

Hello Risk Magazine Reader! I want to welcome all the new Risk Members as well as the existing Risk Members on our Risk Magazine Website. This week, I am honored to write an article for the Magazine myself. For those who don’t know me, I am Tim, the current Risk Chairman. Last March we were officially installed as the new Risk Board and as they say: time flies when you are having fun. The first half a year went by so fast and I cannot even imagine that in three months my success or will already be announced.

Before the start of my board year, I always thought that when I left Zernike after my last exams before the summer holidays, everyone else would leave too and Zernike would be like a ghost village. Yet, contrary to what I thought in the beginning of my student life, Zernike was full of life during the summer and a lot of committees were actively busy with the acquisition and preparation of the promotion for their events.

LunchDuring the summer the Risk Board had a lunch with the Finance & Controlling Tour Committee.

So, while most of you were relaxing in the sun in Spain, backpacking in Asia or learning a new language in South-America, the Conference Committee for instance thought of the theme of the next Conference, which they will announce at the second Investment & Accountancy Evening. Furthermore, the Investment & Accountancy Evenings Committee was very busy to attract the speakers for the coming evening. Via this way, I also want to thank all active members, who were busy during summer, for their hard work, because without our active members Risk would not be able to set up such great events as it does right now. Furthermore, the faculty celebrated their 10th anniversary , by means of several activities like a large on-campus festival with lots of activities on the 1st of September. During this festival I also met some of the international students starting their studies in International Financial Management, Finance and Organizational & Management Control, of which I hope to welcome all of them to our study.

As the new academic year has just started, various events will take place soon, such as the Risk Accountancy Week. During this week, you will be able to visit the largest audit offices in the Netherlands and be able to talk to their employees and find out whether those companies are the place you would like to work later. Moreover, on the 18th of September the first Investment & Accountancy Evening will take place. This is THE night for all Risk Members, where we will first enjoy a lecture about liability management (investment Evening topic) or accountancy challenges for small and medium enterprises (Accountancy Evening topic), followed by a social. Of course, the first drinks are on Risk, so make sure to check out our website for more information related to the speakers of this event and to sign up!

This is the night for all Risk Members!

As mentioned, a lot of activities are coming up soon and therefore some of the committees recruited in May will already be over. Some of them will try and apply for a new committee but of course everyone can apply, so please do. And therefore, people come, people go and in September new Risk Committees will already be formed. If you are interested in becoming an Active Member and organize one of the great events Risk has, please feel free and step by our office, come to the information session or send an email to us at board@riskgroningen.nl.

Lastly, as I said it was a great honor to write an article and I wish you all the best during the new year and I hope to see you all on the Beginning of the Year Party coming Thursday and the first Investment & Accountancy Evening!