Investment Evening III + Board Announcement!

Date: 01 February 2021

On the third investment evening of this year, Roelof Salomons will discuss investment outlooks. He is a professor in Finance at our University and a consultant to pension funds and family offices. He also served as chief strategist at Kempen and Aegon, where he managed and advised on portfolios.

His presentation will contain a long term investment outlook. How should we cope with the challenges of demographics, low interest rates, populism and uncertainty? Using scenario analysis, investors are able to stress test their portfolios and be vigilant on changes in the global view. Finally, he will also focus on the short term outlook. The current economic expansion is already the longest ever. What will 2021 bring?

The digital platform or location will be announced shortly

After the Investment Evening, the Candidate Board 2021-2022 will be announced. We hope to see you all there!

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